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Poker LINGO Expained

Posted by admin on February 18 2021, 04:47am

The first step in understanding Big Poker Sharks is to apprehend everything they say. Of course the following terms are the most usual ones and your poker vocabulary should not be restricted to this amount of words. However these are the basic poker terms and one can’t understand the process of the game, not to say become a good player without knowing their meaning. It is implied that you already know poker rules. If you don’t, please, click here and read them carefully because it is useless to try to understand the strategy of the game not knowing its rules.

Kinds of the cards:

Hole cards
The cards a player receives from a dealer. They can be seen only by the player holding them. There are 2 hole cards in Texas Holdem, 3 hole cards in Seven Card Stud and 4 hole cards in Omaha Poker .

Board cards (or community cards)
The cards, which can be observed and used by all the players at the table.

Positions at the table:

A small disc, which shows who would be the dealer if the players dealt the cards themselves. Except in the preflop round, this supposed dealer acts last in a round of betting.

Small Blind
The first forced bet or a person who posts it. He is the the first person to the left of the button.

Big Blind

The second forced bet equal to doubled Small Blind or a person who posts it. Big Blind is the second person to the left of the button. Both Big and Small Blinds are posted before the deal.

Actions available for poker players:

To abandon your hand, usually because you are sure you would loose the hand. You are unable to win after foldind, but you don’t have to call bets anymore throughout the hand.

To place an amount of chips in the pot equal to the previous bet. It is the cheapest way to stay in the game.

You can check or to pass your turn only in case there has been no betting before you in a betting round. It is like calling a $0 bet.

To make a bet which is larger than the previous one. Other players should either call it or re-raise Otherwise they must fold.

To make the second raise in the same betting round.

To go all-in means to bet all your chips

Different cards at different stages of the game:

Preflop The stage of a Holdem game when players have two hole cards cards and there are no board cards on the table yet.

The first three board cards dealt in a Holdem game.

The fourth board card that coming out in a Holdem game. It comes after the flop.

River Fifth and final card coming out in a Holdem game, after the turn.


The cards which can improve the hand.

Pot Odds
The odds a player gets while drawing.

Implied Odds
Money you expect to win against the money you can loose remaining in the game.

Here is one mlore good video on poker hieracy, usefull to all new players!

This is a good start if you are looking for the basic stuff about online poker and the terminology used around the poker tables. It's really no big deal, you will be a "pro" in no time, all you need is a little practice and patience. Also if you choose to play poker online it is imperative to use a good poker HUD . A poker HUD  is software that helps you know how the other players are playing and what decisions they are more likely to make in certain situations. Having a poker HUD is like having in inside info on what's going on. They are not illegal on most websites , for example Poker Stars do have some restrictions but other have none.

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